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vds active label

Vandinter Semo has a solid reputation as a supplier of distinctive green manure, thanks to a successful cultivation and breeding programme. The high scores on the catalogue of varieties confirm that. The high-scoring Vandinter Semo green manure varieties have the Active quality mark. A guarantee for a healthy soil. Only varieties grown in-house are eligible for the Vandinter Semo Active quality mark. The Active quality mark guarantees a proven active effect against nematodes, a proven active germination capacity and a seed purity of 98.5%.

To be used during the harvest and sowing plan of:

Variety specific characteristics
Cultivation advice for sticky nightshade
Sowing time in spring:
After mid-May (0.5 to 1 cm deep with a soil temperature of at least 10 degrees)
Seed quantity:
3 kg per hectare - 20 kg per hectare (including filler)
Flowering time:
End of August
Weed control:
Immediately after sowing, before emergence, apply low dose Roundup. After emergence, in well-developed crops, a maximum of 30 grams of Titus per hectare. Spray in a low dose several times in consultation with your advisor.
100 kg N per hectare in the spring, 50 kg N per hectare end of July
Row distance:
10 - 15 cm
Vandinter Semo sticky nightshade breeds:
Sugar beet
Flower bulbs