Sticky nightshade1

Sticky nightshade

(Solanum sisymbriifolium)


Sticky nightshade comes from South America and is related to the potato. The catch crop Sticky nightshade is suitable for the control of potato cyst nematodes and improves the soil structure. 

We introduced this crop in the Netherlands in 2001 and, together with the University of Wageningen, we have succeeded in making this crop more suitable as a cyst nematode killer. 

Sticky nightshade kills about 70% of the nematode population, provided the crop has been able to develop well. 

The nematode-reducing effect is almost the same as that of soil decontamination (80% control) and considerably greater than that of black fallow (50% killing).

Information about sticky nightshade

Sowing time in spring:
After end May (1 cm deep with a soil temperature of at least 10 degrees)
Seed quantity:
3 kg per hectare pure seeds - 20 kg per hectare (including filler)
Flowering time:
End of August
Weed control:
Immediately after sowing, before emergence, apply low dose Roundup. After emergence, in well-developed crops, a maximum of 30 grams of Titus per hectare (depending local regulations) Spray in a low dose several times in consultation with your advisor.
50 kg N per hectare in the spring, 50 kg N per hectare end of July
Row distance:
10 - 15 cm
To be used during the harvest and sowing plan of:
Sugar beet
Flower bulbs
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