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Vandinter Semo has a well-selected range of varieties of grasses which hold, without exception, a leading position in the variety list. When compiling the final meadow mixtures, we still look beyond only pure yield. Hence, we mainly look at the nutritional value, digestibility and to the practical harvest qualities. Thanks to our own seed processing, we are able to apply a coating to the grass seed which provides faster germination. In this way, we apply our knowledge and capacity directly for the best pasture mixtures.

forage grasses

Facts and figures of High Sugar Grass.

Vandinter Semo set up a collaboration with leading company Germinal in Ireland. They have a strong international reputation as a trendsetter in High Sugar Grass.

Research at IBERS Aberystwyth University has shown that Aber HSG varieties have consistently higher levels of sugars than standard varieties, throughout any grass growing season. WSC levels up to 50% higher than controls have been recorded in some Aber HSG varieties. Results from trials are summarised later on this page. 


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The effects of High Sugar Grass.

The main advantages of feeding Aber HSG varieties were found to be:

  • Milk yield increased substantially
  • Dry matter intakes improved significantly
  • Diet digestibility increased
  • The amount of feed nitrogen lost in urine is significantly reduced
Less nitrogen. More proteins.

Results of several studies conducted on commercial dairy farms and by IBERS at its dairy unit near Aberystwyth show that grass protein is used more efficiently for milk production when extra energy is provided by feeding Aber HSG varieties. The result is less loss of proteins in the form of unutilized nitrogen that leads to ammonia emissions via urine and manure.


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