Combatting nematodes

Combatting nematodes1
Combatting nematodes2
(Nematode control)

Although nematodes contribute to a healthy soil, there are numerous nematodes that pose a serious threat to crops. The most harmful nematodes live underground and damage particularly the roots of crops. The best known nematodes are cyst nematodes such as the potato cyst nematode which is responsible for potato senescence. Another more famous nematode is the root-knot nematode and the root lesion nematode.

With the breeding of catch crops, Vandinter Semo focuses on a natural combatting of nematodes.

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Every nematode deserves tailor-made control

There are numerous types of nematodes. Each with a unique set of characteristics. This makes them a threat to a large number of crops. Because of this diversity, it is important to know which type of nematode needs to be combatted in order to use the most effective green manure. In this nematode almanac, we name the different nematodes and the most appropriate green manure to naturally combat or to control  nematodes.

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