Green manures

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Single green manures are more effective

In addition to development and breeding of new varieties, Vandinter Semo is conducting intensive research into the causes that have a strong influence on the propagation of nematodes. 

Special attention has been given to the use of green manure mixtures. Many good qualities are attributed to green manure mixtures, also that they could be used simultaneously for the control of several nematode species. 

However, many of the admixed species actually increase harmful nematodes. Thus, the nematodereducing effect of a resistant species in a mixture would be negated by the presence of the propagating species.

Our green manures

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A ‘healthy soil’ and ‘sustainable soil management’. These are themes that are very much in the spotlight. With farmers, because the awareness is growing that a continuously profitable cultivation of crops requires sensible soil management, but also with other stakeholders. Thus, water boards and drinking water companies are fully aware of soil quality as a guarantee for clean and safe drinking water. Today, but also in the future. And banks, financial institutions and mortgage lenders also recognize that healthy soil has a positive influence on the value development of land. Vandinter Semo has a convincing vision of the use of green manures as a soil enhancer and as a combatter of nematodes. That is why Vandinter Semo is launching the “Active” quality mark for a selected number of top varieties within its range of green manures.